To call myself a lager expert in the official sense is properly an over statement however if you’re looking for a guide from someone who adores a good pint in a great pub this is for you.

The idea behind this blog comes from my own interest, love of lager and to hopefully help others explore the new evolving love for lager. There is a true art to a good pint that I feel is underrated, lager is for the discerning palette, I once read a quote interesting by a ale drinker “Larger drinkers are brainwashed morons” a very patronizing ignorant statement from someone that clearly has little understanding of the finesse and craft that goes in to a great pint of lager. I would never dream of telling an ale drinker they are morons although I could make an exception for that guy.

It’s no exaggeration to say I have visited 100’s of pubs in my time from the sublime to the mmmmm let’s be honest shit hole.  I visit pubs around four times a week daytime and evening, myself and my partner in crime Adam, enjoy our “Wednesday day out”  we travel around looking for new pubs as well as visiting our favorites. There is nothing better than a wonderful pint with great company and a chance to put the world to rights and forget the daily grind.r

So if  like me you enjoy everything Lager and have an interest in finding great pubs then please join me on my journey, full of lager info, pub reviews, and everything in between.


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