Best London pubs to visit on national Lager day 

Brewhouse & Kitchen (Highbury)

If a pub calls itself a brewery, it better follow through with that promise with both its beers and looks. Luckily, that is exactly what you’ll get from the Brewhouse & Kitchen. Not only do they have an extensive list of lagers – including their locally sourced Camden Pilsner, yum – they carry the brewery aesthetic through the whole, spacey venue, even to small details such as the copper-tinted chairs. If you get a bit carried away with the beers, however, they have a mouth-watering menu to complement the drinks. Alternatively, Highbury & Islington station is a stone’s throw away, if the whole national day of drinking gets you a bit stumble-y.

Brewhouse & Kitchen National Lager Day London Best places to drink lager

Powder Keg Diplomacy (Clapham)

Sometimes you need a drinking environment as beautiful as the lager, and that’s where Powder Keg Diplomacy shines. The interior is modeled on Victorian colonialism, giving it a continually charming appeal, while their lager list is mostly focused on locally brewed craft beers and ales from this century. The bar is also perfect if you’re being accompanied by someone not overly fond of our favourite gold liquid, as they serve such a wide range of cocktails that they’ll be more than occupied while you dig deep into the kegs. 

Powder Keg Diplomacy National Lager Day Best places to drink lager London

The Old Brewery (Greenwich)

This historic brewery shares its grounds with the Old Royal Naval College and is located a few yards away from the Cutty Sark, so The Old Brewery is definitely the place to give your lager drinking the sense of historical gravity it deserves. Inside, the majestically large vats prove its commitment to serving the best local craft beers available, while the brickwork in the main bar align with its historic design. The considerable selection of drinks, coupled with a spacious interior and giant beer garden, makes it a very good place to go out in London all year round.

The Old Brewery National Lager Day best places to drink beer London

The Draft House (Old Street)

For a trendy and stylish lager drinker, you need a bar of the same caliber. The Draft House lives up to its name with the craft beers on tap and a delicious selection of bottled from both America and Britain, for a more modern drinker. This contemporary approach oozes into its design, with cool, sharp furnishings and tall ceilings below and a comfortable suede upstairs. It’s places like the Draft House that prove you don’t always have to visit a pub to drink that lager you so sorely deserve. 

The Draft House Old Street National Lager Day Best places to drink beer in London

The Old Queen’s Head (Angel)

National Lager Day should be celebrated just like every other holiday. Christmas, Halloween – they absorb a month of your life and disappear. Lager? That’s for life. And no place can celebrate it better than The Old Queen’s Head, which always throws one of the biggest parties in London every week. While the dance floor has the space to really unleash, there’s still areas to cosy up like a traditional pub and really savour that refreshing, well deserved sip of beer. It’s something different, it’s a big party, and, of course, it’s a place to drink in London on National Lager Day.

The Old Queens Head National Lager Day best places to drink beer in London


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