Spanish Gerveza

£4.99 for 6x25cl, 5%

‘ Waitrose 25cl Spanish lager in a sexy bottle even Aubrey and Cressida might showcase with guests. By changing the shape, the bottle feels a little more substantial than competitors, but the nifty neck remains equally manageable for snack-eating/mag-reading multi-tasking and bed chilling. At 5% it’s a touch stronger than some, but it does remind you it’s ‘brewed with water from the snowfalls of the Pyrenees’, which is pretty exciting stuff for a cheap beer. All the packaging bluster is backed up with more flavour in the liquid – enhanced malt, slight spice and sweet fruit to the hop profile and a not-unpleasant length on the after taste.’

This is a great lager for a chilled time at home watching movies like I’m doing right now (‘Patient  Seven’awesome film) , needs to be lovely and cold to really experience the true flavour intended, It’s easy to picture drinking this on a lovely Spanish beach !☀️⛱ a must to try if you haven’t yet 4/5 🍺 


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