Carlsberg UK is adding craft Czech lager Celia to its premium beer portfolio.

celia-organic-and-dark-bottles2Celia is batch brewed for over two months by Czech brewery, Žatecký Pivovar, one of the microbreweries around the world co-owned by Carlsberg Group.

Exclusively offering two of the brewery’s beers, the Celia Organic (4.5% abv), containing 100% Saaz hops and Moravian malt, and Celia Dark (5.7% abv), a dark lager also using 100% Saaz hops as well as Bavarian toffee malt, the beers will also be available on tap.

Both Celias use a patented de-glutenisation process, using silicon filtration – meaning the beers are also vegan.

‘Celia Organic and Celia Dark are quality Czech beers, loved by beer drinkers for their exceptional flavour and ability to perfectly complement good food,’ says Liam Newton, vice president of marketing for Carlsberg UK. ‘The fact that they are brewed to be gluten free gives the brand an added point of difference – particularly relevant given current consumer trends.’

‘We are very much looking forward to working alongside the iconic brewery, helping to reach many more people with these exceptional beers,’ Newton concluded.

Celia will be available to the on-trade from 1 November.

Carlsberg UK, 01604 668866


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