Wednesday day out

My favorite day of the week …..    Wooooo Hooooo


Ended up in Much Wedlock this week as not been before, a pretty little village town with the cutest shops and several pubs, not the warmest of days but still nice enough to have a wonder with the other half.


The George and Dragon     🍺

A really lovely looking building dating back to 1714, inside the decor is traditional with wonderful tankers hanging from the ceiling. This is really more of an Ale pub with only Carling and Stella on tap.

I went for Carling as in all honesty I’m not really into Stella it would be unfair to say it was a very bad pint but I’ve certainly had better, my opinion is that the serve by date was up or possibly the pipes need cleaning.

So Ale drinkers you can have this one …..

The Gaskell Arms Hotel  1/2 

Well…… from the outside this does look a nice place and i think if your over 70 and want a cheap meal its great, the decor is very outdated and just felt like a strange time warp in atmosphere.

On tap was just 1664 and Fosters a very poor show for a lager drinker after setting for a fosters from a grumpy looking bar lady we decided to sit in front of the fire which is one thing i can say i was impressed by as it was not a very cold day but was nice and welcoming (hate it when pubs don’t light fires even if it is just chilly).

As I went to sit on my chair and adjust it for the perfect drinking angle i was met with the sound of chains then the chair being pulled back to the wall……. yes my chair was chained to the wall. I know that things get stolen in pubs but this takes the biscuit especially when most guests look like picking a pint up is a struggle.

never in all my years has this every happened ……… I wont be visiting again the 1/2 star is for the fire….


The Talbot Inn  🍺🍺🍺

A stunningly beautiful building with a wonderful outside area, as soon as you walk in this pub it has a warm welcoming feel with friendly staff, on tap was Carling and 1664 obviously the lager for this area.

Served in the correct glass the Carling was a really nice pint the perfect temperature and tastes as it should. Lovely comfy seating for drinkers and a separate eating area although I believe you can eat anywhere. The decor was very traditional with beams and original features decorated with pub memorabilia and brasses even a traditional brass time bell.

I am a smoker so do like a nice outside space the Talbot has a beautiful out door area with plenty of seating umbrellas and ashtrays. whoever looks after this area keeps it so lovely and tidy.

I would recommend this pub to any drinker as its very traditional friendly and welcoming.

So this Wednesday day out was up and down Much Wenlock is a really lovely town that if your near should definitely be visited, and for a drink head to The Talbot inn.


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